Andrew Stockdale: Couch to 5K Case study with Paula Parle Halton Borough Council – September 2018
Participant Quote: When people see me running Ihope they think “If that guy can do it, I’ll give it a go”

What was Your Starting Point?
When I moved to Sandymoor last year, I was over 19 stone and walking upstairs or doing any physical exercise was becoming a chore. I knew I had to do something to improve my fitness before it was too late.
I used to run and play football when I was a little younger and even completed the Chester half marathon when I was 18. I stopped taking part in sports after I got injured in the TA

Actions Taken:
I tried going to the gym but that didn’t work for me, I felt people were looking at me, judging me. My wife suggested a running clubcalled Run Sandymoor, who also deliver a couch to 5K program, so I decided to give it a go although I
was nervous and apprehensive. It was quite daunting to turn up for the first time because I knew I was so unfit yet there I was at a running club! There is a support team at the running club who will assist and encourage you and this really
helped me, it motivated me to keep trying and push myself further.I was determined not to give-up, even though it was tough, and Ineeded to lose weight and get healthier!

I completed the couch to 5K program with support from Run Sandymoor and got a lovely certificate on completion. I got my first medal from completing a R.E.D challenge, which was run a mile plus every day. Medals do motivate me to achieve my goal!
The combination of Slimming World and running the couch to 5K program and sheer determination has brought my weight down to 16.5 stone. Encouraged again by the running club, I joined parkrun in March this year at Phoenix Park,Runcorn. My first run was awful, I
felt ill and thought I might faint. Ittook me 41 minutes 39 seconds tocomplete. I have since participated in other parkruns in Widnes, Warrington and Knowsley.

I can now complete a parkrun in just over 31 minutes, the parkrun community are so supportive and have runners of all ages and abilities, everybody is welcome. I have also become part of the couch to 5K support team for Run Sandymoor and support other
people to get the same kind of enjoyment as I do from taking part. I have completed multiple 5K and 10K runs and the Hell Runner “Hell up north” half marathon in Delamere Forest.

Is there anything still to achieve?
For the next 12 months I have signed up to do the Mad Dog 10K, the Rock n Roll half marathon in Liverpool and Tough Mudder!! I’m sure more will be added to the list as I go along. I will also continue to run and support others to take
part and realise the benefits.

GET ACTIVE COUCH TO 5K – Contact Paula Parle for further details: 0151 511 8550