Dear Parent /Guardian, 

Please read the following update regarding your child’s swimming lessons.

Here at Active Halton we pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of swimming lessons. In order to maintain these high standards, there are a few things we would like to tell you about. 

  • After a recent full audit of the learn to swim program, we have identified that some children may be progressing through the stages before they are ready to and this has resulted in learners being in a class that is beyond their ability. This can have a detrimental affect on a child’s progress as they may struggle to keep up with the class hindering the skills they have already learnt and also affecting their confidence. 
  • Please do not put any pressure on the teachers to move your child up to the next stage. All of our teachers are fully trained and will move your child up when they are ready. Please remember, moving a child up before they are ready is dangerous and will have a backwards affect on the child’s progress. All teachers have recently attended training to highlight when a child should be moved up a stage. As some children are currently scored beyond their ability you may notice no progression with the child’s percentage until they have caught up. This is a better option than decreasing the percentage. Please bear with us while we try to bring the standards back in line with Swim England’s expectations. If you are concerned your child is in a class beyond their ability please get in touch so we can re-asses your child and put them in the correct stage. 
  • We ask that you arrive with time to spare before your lesson in order to swipe your membership card at reception, ALL CUSTOMERS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN IN AT RECEPTION UPON ENTERING THE CENTRE (Replacement cards can be purchased at reception for £2). 
  • Children of any age on the Learn to Swim Programme must not be left unattended in the building. All parents/guardians must remain visible throughout the lesson in case we need to contact you. 
  • Please be at the collection point on time to ensure the teacher can start the next lesson without delay. 
  • Your child will have been allocated a colour co-ordinated swim cap which represents the stage they are currently in. We kindly request that these hats are worn during every lesson. If your child is allergic to latex, please let the swim instructor know as we can make exceptions for allergies. Alternatively, if you wish to provide your own non latex cap this is allowed. (Replacement hats can be purchased at reception for £2).
  • We require that girls wear a one piece swim costume and boys wear swim trunks/shorts that do not pass the knee. This is to ensure your child’s swim costume does not hinder their safety or swimming.
  • Please ensure your child uses the toilet before entering the pool.
  • Electronic devices are not allowed during lesson time, due to safeguarding policies we ask you to please refrain from taking pictures and videos during the swimming lessons.
  • When you wish to cancel swimming lessons, a cancellation letter must be handed into reception before the 12th of the month to be cancelled in time for the following month. This includes cancellations for completion of the Learn to Swim Programme.
  • If your child completes Swim Academy, you are still required to inform us in writing that you wish to cancel lessons. The system does not automatically do this.

We hope your child/children enjoy their lessons with the Active Halton Learn to Swim Programme.

Kind Regards

Active Halton Swim Team