Active Halton Leisure FAQ’s

Kingsway Leisure Centre and Brookvale Recreation Centre are now OPEN!

Do I have to pre book?

We advise pre booking for all of our sessions. Due to social distancing in the changing rooms our swimming numbers are lower than normal and sessions are popular so be aware these sessions are filling on the day they are released.

How long will the gym slots be?

Gym sessions at our centres have now been extended to at least 120 minutes and you don’t need to leave the gym until you’re ready. You will be able to stay in the gym for the amount of time you need to train we have also changed our entry policy as we understand it’s hard to get in on the hour! So you can enter when you like, all we ask is that you book for the 2 sessions that you cross over into for track & trace.

When can I pre book?

You can book 7 days in advance. You can book online via the below link

When creating an account online it’s saying email address already in use?

If you get a error message saying your email is already in use please make sure you have pressed I’m a member and added your membership number to link your online account with your membership. If you don’t have a LIVE membership your email could be linked to an old account, please contact your local centre and the Fitness Team will be able to help create your new account.

Will changing rooms be available for non-swimming based activities?

All leisure sites dry changing rooms (for gym, class and racket sports) will be available to use until where possible we advise customers to

When will my membership restart?

Your membership will reactivate on 12/04/2021 and you can start using the centre from this date. Your first Direct Debit collection will be the first working day of May, we will only be taking 50% of your full direct debit amount.

I am not ready to come back yet, what are my options?

The option to Freeze is always available. Please contact our Fitness Team to let us know that is what you wish to do.

What will happen to the date of my annual membership renewal?

We will extend the renewal date of your membership and any associate memberships by the number of months the Centre has been closed for.

What are my Centre’s opening hours?

Active Halton Centres are open 7 days a week. Current opening hours are:

  • Monday – Friday 7am – 8pm
  • Saturday 8am – 4pm
  • Sunday 9am – 4pm

Do I need to wear a face covering?

As per Government guidance all our customers are now required to wear face coverings inside all Active Halton Centres.

Face coverings are mandatory from entry to the building and throughout the customer journey including all internal queuing areas (not external) and when spectating activities within the building (e.g. swimming lessons).

The normal exemptions as stipulated by Government apply in terms of those who do not need to wear face coverings for example those with disabilities or certain health conditions, such as respiratory or cognitive impairments that makes it difficult for them to wear a face covering.

Face coverings can be removed when entering an activity space (e.g. gym, studio, poolside) for the duration of the activity.

You do not need to wear a face covering whilst in the gym or during a group exercise class but must do so if moving between separate activity spaces during your visit.