Sports Development

Halton Borough Councils Sport Development Team implements a number of far-reaching development programmes, working in close consultation and partnership with a range of national, regional and local organisations, including Sport England, National Governing Bodies and Halton Sports Partnership.

Sue Lowrie

Sport & Recreation Manager

Jenny Zielski

Children & Young People Participation

  • Increasing participation in Sport and Physical Activity for Children and Young People age 5-25.
  • Working with partners and young people to develop holiday programmes and evening and weekend activities.
  • Supporting local clubs and activities with an aim to get people into clubs and sustain regular activity sessions.
  • Tel: 0151 511 7869

Paula Parle

Adults Participation

  • Increasing participation in Sport and Physical Activity for adults age 25+
  • Working with community groups and partners, developing community lead activities and exit routes for Health Improvement programs.  Supporting over 100 activities each week on the Get Active timetables and Walking for Health programs.
  • Support partners and Community Groups set up and sustain new activities.
  • Tel: 0151 511 8550

Jonny Fraser

Sport and Physical Activity Development Officer

Colin Powell

Community Sports Coach

Delivers sports and physical activity programs based at various sites across Halton including school sites, multi skills clubs, local authority facilities, community venues and sports clubs. Delivers leadership programs to support volunteers and sports coaches. Strengthening the links with local sports clubs and community groups to encourage on going participation.

  • If you are not sure which member of Sport Development staff to contact call the Sports Development Team at the Frank Myler Pavilion on 0151 511 8282
  • For further information on Sports Clubs in Halton
  • For further information on Halton Leisure Card

Sports Development Grants & Schemes

Halton Borough Council’s Sports Development team have a number of grants that are available for assistance with club development, individual sports people and sports coaches in the borough.


Group Grant Form- Halton 50 Edition

The fund is an amount of money set-aside annually by the Council’s Executive Board and administered by the Sports Development Team. Its primary purpose is to assist local clubs and organisations that, through their activities provide sports development benefit to the inhabitants of the Borough.

Bursary Form Individual

This fund is for those individual sports people who live in Halton and get to a level in their sport which requires further financial assistance.  Although there is no limit on age, preference will be given to those under 21 years of age.

Volunteer Scheme

The Halton Volunteer Incentive Scheme has been devised in partnership with Halton Sports Partnership, and Halton Borough Council, the scheme aims to recruit, reward, recognise, and support young volunteers aged from 8 years upwards, and mentors, who are dedicating their time voluntary to the sporting sector of Halton.

If you want to sign up to the scheme, please call 0151 511 7869 .

Sports Coaching Bursary Application

This fund is specifically for coach development, and is aimed at those people who wish to become a new coach, gain a new qualification or develop onto another level of coaching.   You must live in the Borough of Halton or be affiliated to a club in the borough and be a minimum of age 16 years.

Halton Online:

If you wish to make an application of any of the above funding streams, you will need to download the word document by clicking on the form, completing it, and submit it through Halton Online Grants .